Cromer Music Evenings


Review by Terry Keeler
Templewood, Northrepps 26th April 2015

For the penultimate concert in the current series, Cromer Music Evenings presented two artists of consummate skill which was evident after just four bars of Debussyís Sonata for cello and piano, chosen for the opening piece, where the rapport between the two was immediate - captivating, even awe inspiring, the interpretation was so magnificent in dealing with the technical demands of Debussyís colouristic writings in which the listener can imagine what they will, during the impressionistic compositions of Debussyís style.

Ravelís Piece en forme de Habanera was beautiful in the performance of this short work, having a Spanish flavour, probably because Ravelís mother was Spanish.

Seven Variations on Bei Mannern from the Magic Flute by Beethoven added a classical contrast to the writings of Debussy and Ravel: Lindsay and Hughes adjusted to the textures and interpretations with superb and mature understanding of Beethovenís composition.

The major work in the concert being Rachmaninovís Sonata for cello and piano Op 19 in four movements, proved to be a sheer delight - not in just the wonder of Rachmaninovís music, but in witnessing such an accomplished performance from both players of this immense and demanding work, in which the pianist is challenged to perform such difficult rhythms, glorious eight note chords, with delicate lyrical textures in the upper register of the piano - but the cellist soared above all this with a directness of the melodic lines - producing such a beautiful depth and warmth of tone and emotion. A wonderful performance to end this concert which I hope will be remembered by all present as one of the very best, enjoyed within the delightful Music Room at Templewood.

Terry Keeler
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