Cromer Music Evenings


30th MARCH 2014

The two artists engaged by Cromer Music Evenings for the second time within 16 months again performed with virtuoso brilliance, works by Beethoven, Bach, Honegger, Ysaye, Halverson and Paganini.

Although the programme did not run as printed, and that one or two pieces from their first visit were repeated, it became irrelevant and cancelled out any negative thoughts which were overcome by the sheer mastery of their respective instruments.

The well attended audience witnessed the wondrous capabilities of each of the stringed instruments, especially in Niccolo Paganiniís Nel cor piu mi sento for solo violin and Cello suite No 3 in C Minor by J S Bach.

Despite the experience of absorbing the artistry of these players in these two complex compositions, the highlight for me being the four Two Part Inventions written for piano or harpsichord which, having been arranged for violin and cello, proved to be - in their contrasted simplicity, to what has gone before and after - the wonderful effect Bachís writings, whatever textures he used, and however complex they are, has a profound effect on all who participate in performance and composition, whether it be classical and yes, even jazz.

Terry Keeler
2 April 2014

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